Connect to Slack

This section covers how to establish your Slack Connection within SlapFive's Embedded Integration.

To protect the security and privacy of your Slack data, SlapFive's Embedded Integration eliminates the need for you to email or message us with your Slack credentials. Your Slack Admin can simply connect to Slack right from within SlapFive. You only have to do this once and it will be used for all Slack integration and data synchronization scenarios. The login data is then encrypted and stored within the Embedded Integration.

  1. Log into Slack using the Admin profile that you want to use to send messages to Slack.

  2. In SlapFive, go into Settings, and click on the Integrations sub-tab.

  3. Click the Slack Connection box to expand it, then click the green Connect button.

  4. You will see the permission request screen. Make sure the correct Slack Workspace is selected in the dropdown box in the upper right, then click the green Allow button.

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