SlapFive Terminology

Here are the terms used in SlapFive and their meaning.

Activity Types

An Activity Type is a form of engagement that you would like to offer to your Members, have them decide which ones they like to do, and track when Members perform those Activities. Activity Types are defined in Client Settings. For each Activity Type, you can assign an Engagement Score, and you can specify whether it should appear on the Request Reference entry form.


An Activity is a record of a Customer having performed a specific Activity Type, on a particular date, and being awarded an Engagement Score.

Admin Menu

The Admin Menu is accessed by users with Admin rights by clicking your Avatar in the upper right corner of the SlapFive screen. On the Admin Menu, you can access your Profile, the Chrome Extension, Templates, Tracking, and your Client Settings.


A Board is a template-driven collection of Stories for a particular use case. Boards can be either a full stand-alone page or a widget that can be embedded on any web or mobile page (corporate website, blog, community post, landing page, microsite, portal, social media property, etc.).

Client Settings

Client Settings are where you define system-wide preferences and customization settings for SlapFive. You access your Client Settings by going to the Admin Menu in the upper right and selecting [Your_Company] Settings.


A Company is the organization that your Members work for. Companies can have multiple Members. Companies can be tracked by Industry, Company Size, Location, Customer Since, Products Used, Competitors Replaced, etc.

Direct Prompts

A Direct Prompt is created when you send a Prompt to one or more named Members in SlapFive. The Member receives an email and/or text message with a link to respond, clicks the link, and can respond using the allowable media types.

Engagement Score

For each Activity Type, you assign an Engagement Score that you want to grant to each customer who performs that Activity. The total Engagement Score for a customer is the sum of the scores from all the Activities that customer has performed.


Members are the people who belong to your program and to whom you want to offer opportunities to engage such as capturing their voice. Member records usually represent your clients, but can also be employees, partners, or thought leaders. Your members have a full profile including their name, title, image, and Company details.


A Prompt is a question or statement used to offer an opportunity to engage and/or elicit a specific response from a Member. Prompts can be defined to allow responses via video, audio, text, numeric, file or link.

Open Prompts

An Open Prompt is created when you generate an Open Prompt link that you paste into an email, web page, community post, etc. to allow anyone to respond. Unlike a Direct Prompt, the responder is asked to enter their Name, Company, and Email address. Open Prompts are used when you want to offer opportunities to respond whether or not the targets are Members in SlapFive.


Requests allow people in your company to ask for a customer or customer content for use as customer proof. It most frequently refers to Reference Requests coming from Sales, but can also be used by PR, Analyst Relations, Product Marketing, and Demand Generation folks to make asks of customers.


A Story is created to capture a single Member’s response to a single Prompt in audio, video, text, numeric, file or link format.


A Template is the HTML and CSS that determines the design and layout of a Board.


The Tracking area allows you to see how many people have viewed or shared your Boards and Stories. You can track by Board, by Story, or by Member.

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