SlapFive Content Share > Salesforce Customer Influence

When a SlapFive content asset is shared from a Salesforce Opportunity, write a SlapFive Customer Influence record in Salesforce.

While setting up this Zap, it needs to retrieve a recent Content Share record from your SlapFive instance so that you can map its fields and test your configuration. Before starting, add Share a Board from a Salesforce Opportunity.

While logged into your Zapier account, click here to go to the share page for this Zap, and click the Try this Zap button. Since this Zap only has two steps, it walks you through a wizard to set up.

1. Connect your SlapFive account

Select your SlapFive Connection and click Next.

2. Connect your Salesforce account

Select your Salesforce Connection and click Next.

3. Salesforce Object

Search on SlapFive, select SlapFive Customer Influence and click Next.

4. Record Type

Select Customer Content Share and click Next.

5. Opportunity

Select an Opportunity from the list and click Next.

6. Select the fields you want to edit in Salesforce

The fields will already be selected, just click Next.

7. Map fields from SlapFive into Salesforce

The fields will already be mapped, just click Next.

8. Let’s test out this Zap

Click Send Test. You will get the confirmation message Test Record sent! Check your Salesforce account to view it.

Click Next.

9. Review and turn on your Zap

Click the Turn on Zap button.

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