Prompt Group Explanation

Prompt Groups are for sending 1+ Prompts to a customer to gather feedback on various topics

  1. Prompt group sample text:

When recording your responses, please be in a silent room with a solid background without too much clutter. Make sure you have enough light in front of you so there are no shadows on your face.

Do not wear bright colors or clothes with busy patterns. It is fine to wear earbuds, but try to avoid using bulky headphones.

Finally, relax. There's no pressure, if you start answering a question and don't like how it sounds, you can start over.

2. Prompt group sample text:

Thank you for sharing your voice regarding:

Why X?

Simple Instructions:

  • First step - prepare in advance what you might want to share. Maybe write down a couple key words best describing your feelings about….

What's Next:

  • Second step, practice as many times as you want until you feel comfortable recording yourself. Select if you are going to share your feedback as a A.) Video, B.) Audio only, or C.) Text only. Re-record and delete your recordings as many times as you want.

  • Also select how you want your feedback shared using this setting


  • Third step, once you feel ready for the final recording, we are hoping you will provide a 30 to 45 second response (or go crazy and do a 3 minute recording - we have video editing skills). It's best to state who you are and what your title is at your organization. Then tell us all about the top values X delivers to you, your team, and your organization.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

X plans to use your feedback in our sales training, sales and marketing presentations, website pages, and more. You can decide if you want your response to be public or private; Text, audio or video format. By sharing this feedback, you agree we can use it in these ways. Thank you for sharing!

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