Onboarding Timeline

Ideal Implementation Timeline and Process

In order to get the most out of our time and help you make faster progress towards your goals we will put together a shared onboarding plan for us to work through together. This plan will give you visibility into our path to success and make sure you and your team always know what needs to happen next.

Week 1

  • Attend kickoff call

  • Schedule training and workshop sessions

  • Create branded instance, name program, and invite admin users along with activity types

  • Schedule weekly check in calls

  • Go over any customer tracking sheets with customer history

  • SlapFive uploads Customers as Members along with Historical data into SlapFive

Week 2

  • Partner with Sales Ops at client to share SFDC integration installation guide - receive files needed from them. Average time Sales Ops need is less than 1 hour.

  • Go over completed Customer Voice Canvas - output from the Workshop.

  • Prompts created in SlapFive

  • Create and design Nomination forms, Customer Invite Forms, and Customer Branded Email copy

  • SlapFive to set up integration of form results to create Nominated Members, Invited Members, and their Activities willing to do

  • Provide any existing video content to SlapFive to begin with carving up assets for stories and boards

Week 3

  • First SlapFive Storyboard from existing content is created and shared

  • Continuation of SFDC integration

  • Work on additional integrations such as external Reference Management , Sales Enablement, or Community platforms

  • Start to set up new Customer Interviews where applies

Week 4

  • Final steps of SFDC integration

  • Additional storyboards from existing content carved up

  • Launch program and announce and train sales on the process

  • Invite customers your program

  • Ongoing support via weekly check in calls with SlapFive team

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