Managing new reference requests

Step by step process after sales, product, CS or marketing submit a request

Please note to receive notifications go to your User Profile and be sure you have your user profile set appropriately.

When a new request comes in open it up and review details - update the status to In Progress

Next your Fulfillment screen opens up. Here you are now able to click Select Companies/Members to use search or filter or simply +Add a row to then select a Member and/or Company.

When you use Select Companies/Members you will see the menu tray slide open.

Things to note:

  • Green dot indicates - open to taking a reference call

  • Yellow dot indicates a pending reference on another in progress request

Now if you went the route and used the +Add button option you get as many rows as you select the add button. So you are able to manage multiple outreaches for a single campaign or request.

  • You can select add Company or Member to add to that row.

  • Make sure to select the activity type and the date you need it by

  • Next you enter the Company or Member - This occurs when you do not know the Member yet but know the Company you can leave the member empty while you work the request and find the new Member to add.

Manage the workflow of your request with the Fulfillment Status, Notes, and Date fields

Manage, change, add, and remove Fulfillment Status to meet your workflow and processes.

Please note: Completed is the value that triggers a Completed activity for that member once they have done the request activity.

  • These all can be customized in the back end of your settings

  • In settings scroll down to Request Fulfillment Status types

  • You can edit or delete any except Completed and Inactive

  • You can also change the order by dragging up or down the row

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