SlapFive Successful Launch Plan

The first 4 weeks are vital to your success, staying on plan and on target with your goal live date and our best practices will set you up for success.

  • Discovery Workshop: In this phase you will meet your onboarding team who will assist in establishing your onboarding launch goals and timelines.​ We will review documents, discuss your strategic priorities, and understand your definition of success. This plan is built and followed by the customer in Arrows.

  • Migration and Integration Workshops: Simultaneous with discovery, this stage of the process is where we collaborate with your IT and SFDC team, your identified executive leader, and primary contact champion, as well as our technical implementation team to facilitate discovery around your technical needs to support your goals. This will include outlining the technical steps necessary to support your onboarding. This plan will be outlined in a custom Gantt chart google sheet.

  • Change Management workshops: This phase will include the Adoption Workshops, and the CLG Workshop. You will receive training, education, best practice as well as continued plans to tie your strategic growth initiatives to your campaigns​. This includes your copy of your own Customer Led Growth Canvas

Your onboarding and implementation experience will include:

Project Management Success Planning tied to you designated Go Live Date

  • Technical Implementation

  • Instance creation

    • SFDC app install

    • establish single-sign-on authentication

    • data mapping for native integration

    • establish additional integrations for forms and reminders

  • Customized goal-oriented success plans for your configurations and launch

  • Customer Success Manager for training and enablement

  • Consultation - best practice related to Customer Led Growth

  • Train-the-trainer resources

With a dedicated team focused on completing priority projects, we will end our onboarding process by achieving our established launch goals. This is the stage where you will continue to work with your Customer Success Manager who will collaborate with you to establish your next set of priorities and Success Plans.

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