Determine the Salesforce integration user

This section describes the access permissions required for the Salesforce user that you will use to authenticate to Salesforce.

The Embedded Integration with Salesforce requires you to establish a Salesforce Connection using a Salesforce user record with these permissions:

  1. Read/Write access to Salesforce Opportunity, Contact and Account objects.

  2. Read/Write access to the Salesforce custom objects that are installed by the SlapFive Salesforce App:

  3. Read/Write access to the setup objects used by the SlapFive Salesforce App

  4. If you have any field validation rules defined for the Salesforce Opportunity, Account, or Contact objects, remove them for this user. For example, you have a rule on the Opportunity object that says, "You cannot move this Opportunity to Stage 2 without selecting a Meeting Outcome".

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