Re-install or Upgrade

Follow these steps if you need to re-install a package or if you are upgrading to a newer version of the SlapFive Salesforce App.

Note: If you have SlapFive Salesforce App version 3.1 or earlier installed, you need to do the steps on this page. If you currently have version 3.4 or later installed, skip these steps and simply Install the latest package, which will upgrade you to the latest version.

Remove Permission Set Assignments

Go to Setup > Users > Permission Sets.

Click on the record with the label “SlapFive App Permission Sets”.

Click on the Manage Assignments button.

Check all assigned users and click Remove Assignments.

Uninstall the current package

Go to Setup > Apps > Packaging > Installed Packages.

Find SlapFive in the list of packages and select Uninstall.

Install the new package

Install the package following the steps in the section Install and Configure but only do these steps:

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