8. Create Connected App

In this step, you create the SlapFive Connected App, which contains many settings that enable the access of SlapFive features and content from within Salesforce.

Go to Setup > Apps > App Manager and click the New Connected App button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Basic Information:

Web App Settings:

Click Save.

Assign Profiles to the Connected App:

While still in Setup > Apps > App Manager, go to the right end of the row containing the Connected App you just created, click the drop-down and select Manage.

Scroll down to the Profiles section and click the Manage Profiles button.

Select the Profiles that you want to have access to the SlapFive features and click Save.

Add Custom Attributes for User First and Last Name

While still on the Manage screen for the Connected App you created above, scroll down to the Custom Attributes section and click the New button.

Enter following values and click Save:

Click New again, enter the following values, and click Save:

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